One designer's flight of fancy that became a reality

This is a photo-realistic rendering of a true 3-D solid modeled aquarium setup with cutaways that show more detail of the design.

It was my old tank design and you can read about it and some of the results of it's implementation in articles that are posted below.

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The Beauty Of Filter Feeders Fantasy Tank Design Setting Up Your Sand Bed

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I am in the process of designing a new setup with a new set of problems to solve.

Below, I placed a much lower quality quick rendering of what I have planned so far.

I would encourage anyone that has any ideas or questions to contact me

at the following e-mail address:

Sulfur DenitrificationThis picture shows the new cabinet that I plan to have made.
New Aquarium Cabinet

I am starting a new 180 gallon tank with the same foot print 72 by 18 but it is 31 inches tall. I will have a lot more room to work with inside the cabinet.
New Aquarium CabinetThis picture shows the new cabinet that I plan to have made.

Dump Bucket
The first sketch [below] shows, in dark blue, the way that the water will fill the tray at first.
The light blue indicates how the water extents to the left, just before the tray becomes unstable
enough to tip and dump the water into the tank.

The second sketch shows how water flows down and across the tray once it tips.
This causing a rushing surge of water motion through the algae inside the tray before it cascades into the tank.

The third sketch shows that, as the tray springs back to its starting position,
the remaining water rolls back down the tray to cause turbulence that further helps to prevents clumping and stimulates healthy growth.

Dump Bucket

The Algal Turf Scrubbing dump bucket will be placed higher
than in my old tank so that there will be a bigger splash.
For that reason, I have channeled the water into a tube to contain the splashing.

Video of that Dump Bucket working.
And a little closer.

My next step is to get a 3-D printed chute
so that the scrubber can be placed behind the tank and
the splash will be directed across the top of it.

I bought a 55 gallon glass tank to replace the 100 plus gallon horse trough
that I was going to use as a refugium.
It will have a 3 or 4 inch sand bed in it, with no plenum. The rest of the sump will be
filled with a special, very porous, coral rubble from Caribsea that is not for sale.
There will be lighting on the sump because I have a couple of Mangrove plants
but most of the refugium, below the top layer, will be shaded
and be primarily used as a cryptic zone.

Robotic Plankton Feeder
Garage Based Plankton Farm

Plankton Towers

I purchased two 6" by 6 foot lexan tubes to employ a sulfur denitrification system but I will delay the implementation of that for a while. I decided to use one for a Plankton Tower.

I started growing rotifers and had success but was advised to feed very often throughout the day to increase population density.
I also needed to do water changes to draw off the waste and excess nutrient load. This made me think about automation.
I could use solenoids to switch the work of the pump for water changes but the food tubing for liquid food would get clogged at such low distributed flow rates.

I decided to build a 2 axis robot as a project. I don't know if I can get it working but the fun is in trying.
These videos are of my work on the bench so far. It is very rough ( just a pile of wires) but I have gotten past the biggest hurdles and everything work.

Rough Code Bench Work

Almost Finished with Bench Work

If you hear sound but can't see the video, please refresh.

Plankton Feeding Robot Assembly

Martial Arts History
Martial Arts Background
2005 AAU Natioal Tournament
Sports Jujitsu 2004 Worlds Championships
Light Hearted Commercial

Backyard Project

Family(Under Construction)

Music(Under Construction)

Bahama Trip

Design(Under Construction)

Qantas Businees Seat Design

British Airways New Business Class Design

British Airways Press Release